Danish language education

If you are new to Denmark, you are eligible for Danish language education. At Give-Grindsted Uddannelsescenter, we make sure you are offered the right education programme to match your needs – whether it is DU1, DU2, or DU3.

Target groups

Adult foreigners who have just arrived in Denmark, are staying here permanently, and have a residence permit are eligible for Danish language education. If this does not apply to you, please contact us for information on other options.

Get a good start

Before you start learning Danish at GGUC, we invite you in for a short interview to establish which of the three Danish language education programmes is right for you and on which module you should start. Immediately after this interview, you can start attending classes. GGUC provides you with all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish language education programme, including time frames for the various modules, module testing, exams, etc.

Where and when?

You can learn Danish at GGUC’s premises in either Billund, Give, or Grindsted, and we offer morning, afternoon and evening classes. Please contact one of our schools for further information.


From July 1, 2020, Danish courses will be free of charge again.

International employees and students, who register for the Danish Education will be charged a deposit of 2.000 kr.

Rules for reimbursement

Your deposit will be reimbursed, if you complete your modules with a test within the below timeframes:

If you do not complete the modules within the given timeframes, you will lose your entire deposit of DKK 2.000, and you will be required to pay a new deposit, if you want to start Danish lessons again.

The same applies for those who drop out of classes within a module, or decide not to take/fail the final exams.

Time frames

  • Module 1: 6 months
  • Module 2: 6 months
  • Module 3: 7 months
  • Module 4: 8 months
  • Module 5: 9 months
  • Module 6: 9 months


Your right to Danish classes is 5 years from the day of your arrival.